Zouk Mikael International Festival 2012

You’re in for a fabulous treat if you’re in Lebanon in July, in perfect time to attend the annual Zouk Mikael International festival.

The festival, held in the charming Lebanese town of Zouk Mikael, attracts guests from all over the country and abroad.
Its roman styled amphitheatre with a capacity of 2500, built for major events, hosts the festival.
The venue is complete with cafeterias and public facilities. Several large car parks with shuttles for transportation to and from the amphitheatre ensure convenient access.

The California All Star Blues Revue featuring: The Mannish Boys with Finis Tasby, Sugarray, Kid Ramos & Kirk Fletcher ( July 10th 2012 ) :
Tickets: Table of 4: 300,000LL – Table of 2: 150,000LL – Seats: 45,000LL
The current special edition of the California All Star Blues Revue was especially put together for Zouk Mikael International Music Festival this July, and features a veritable one-band blues festival of talent. The Mannish Boys are being universally praised as one of the most exciting blues projects to come along in years, featuring some of the most dynamic blues talent in the world today, assembled from the cream of the crop of West Coast Blues veterans like Finis Tasby and Kid Ramos, young bloods like Kirk Fletcher and Sugarray, and many others.

Reviving the spirit of such legendary Revues as the Johnny Otis Show, the Ike Turner Revue, or even the much celebrated American Folk Blues Festival, The Mannish Boys’ big band California Blues Revue carries this grand tradition forward into the 21st century with an assembly of extraordinary talent that represents the very best of both the younger generation and deep-rooted veterans. It is all happening at the Festival’s celebrated annual ’Blues Night’

Carole Samaha ( July 14th 2012 ) :
Tickets: 80,000LL, 50,000LL, 35,000LL
Known as “The Chameleon” who excelled in acting, singing and dancing throughout many years at the famous Rahbanis Musical Theater, moving later on to a successful solo career kicked off by “Bi Sabah el Alf el Talet” that represented a huge hit in Lebanon and the Arab world, Carole Samaha is undoubtedly a unique icon combining talent, beauty and unique stage presence.

The Lebanese multi-talented artist who participated in renowned festivals and stood on some of the most prestigious stages around the world such as Rosemont Theater in Chicago, Detroit Opera house and the Las Vegas Casino, is back again on July 14th to take the prestigious Zouk Mikael Amphitheatre by storm with her powerful yet sensual voice.

José Carreras and Monica Yunus ( July 18th 2012 ) :
Tickets: 300,000LL, 225,000LL, 187500LL, 150,000LL, 112,500LL, 75,000LL, 37,500LL
A Roman amphitheatre under the stars, the inky Mediterranean as a backdrop and a serenade by one of the world’s most melodious voices – Lebanon’s Zouk Mikael International Festival returns in July 2012 with José Carreras and Monica Yunus headlining its inspiring cultural program, accompanied by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Giménez.

The Barcelona-born opera singer is one of the celebrated Three Tenors alongside Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, known the world over for his clear and romantic tone that has been described as ‘honeyed’ for its richness and sweetness. Monica Yunus the Bangladeshi-Russian-American soprano is quickly rising in fame in the U.S. and has been described by The New York Times as an “especially winning” performer.

Tickets now available at Virgin megastores and online.


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