Zootropolis passes $1 billion in box office worldwide

Disney’s animated feature film enters gains a rare status as it accrues $1 billion in box office takings on an international scale.

Having commenced its worldwide rollout in February, urban animal adventure “Zootropolis” (known as Zootopia in the US) didn’t reach its domestic audience in the US until early March.

A carefully staggered international release schedule meant that by April 23 it was launching ahead of a week of national holidays in the world’s fourth biggest theatrical market, Japan.

At just over $1bn, the family-oriented cop comedy is now the fourth highest-grossing animated feature of all time — using figures unadjusted for inflation — behind only “Frozen” (2013, $1.28bn), “Minions” (2015, $1.15bn), and “Toy Story 3” ($1.06bn, 2010.)

It’s also the second highest-grosser of 2016 to date, with fellow Disney stable production “Captain America: Civil War” at $1.1bn.

Pixar’s “Finding Dory” releases the week of June 17, with Universal’s “The Secret Life of Pets,” Fox’s “Ice Age: Collision Course” and “Trolls,” and another Disney production in “Moana” to follow over the rest of the year.

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