“Zaffatleh El Tarik” a new single targeting every Lebanese citizen

Two Lebanese singers, songwriters and illustrators, Michelle and Noel Keserwany, decided to raise the voice against the candidates in parliament who haven’t really changed much, over the years.

So they launched their new single named “Zaffatleh El Tarik“ meaning “he paved my street”. The song targets Lebanese people who are making the same mistake again and again by voting for the same politicians since decades.

Check out the really funny ironic video, followed by the following critical description:

“We keep nagging that ”the same people have been ruling us for 30 years” but we are forgetting a small detail: WE HAVE BEEN VOTING FOR THEM FOR 30 YEARS”!

Voting is a responsibility that we shouldn’t take lightly. We understand that every party accomplished a significant achievement at some point in our history, and that’s why they have people who believe in them or at least who want to believe in them. But the corruption in the country has become unbearable and those parties are unacceptable as representatives of our new generation. Evolution demands that things should change.

As the saying goes, ”to be able to build you have to destroy” and by destroy we mean, acknowledge everything positive each party did at a certain time, while pointing to each mistake it did as well and after doing the math, and after seeing the incredible levels of corruption we live in: from the spread of sickening lies to the impossibly low wages, one thing should become clear to us: We need new blood, new ”nominees” and new ways of thinking.

We will learn from the past knowing that we are not more intelligent than our parents, because the situation during their time was different, and they acted in a way that seemed right at the time. But looking back at it now, we should thank our parents, learn from all their experiences and decisions, and try to evolve and change. The change requires us to make or own decisions and take responsibility for own actions by voting conscientiously for the future while learning from the past and not repeating it.”

Translation By Fadi BouKaram:

He paved my street


My leader can summon snow in mid-summer

Got a photo voting, dropping his ballot proper

It’s true nothing worked of the genius plans he offered

And of all his mighty promises,

none he really honored

But a good heart he has!

And he means well is what matters

My leader is a man of my heart;

to him I’m always true.

Took my diploma off the wall;

his portrait’s a better view.

He lies? Please! Such words I won’t accept

He only changes the truth, and no one’s fit to inspect

He steals? Watch it!

These slurs I do reject

He only takes for keepers,

but won’t bother to request


My party upholds principles, significant and pivotal

Like liberty and sovereignty, and other matters critical

I don’t exactly know what any of this entails

But then again I don’t get into all the details,

Let my leader decide. I elected him so I don’t have to

Let him do the thinking. I’ll sing and cheer all the way through


True I elected him to serve me, but cheat me did he do

And true he kept on acting, till I believed the ruse

And it’s true…


(The running part in the video)

He got me into debt,

to banks my house was pawned

I’m stuck in a dead-end, of a future

I was conned I’m revolted by my life,

revolted by all politics

He promised then forgot me,

kept falling for his bag-of-tricks

And when the damage cleared, the innocent he played

He then addressed the public,

old principles were changed

Forgot those who died,

forgot all the suffering.

Looked for petty people,

and made them all his underlings.

Freedom he had offered,

choices I was sold

Free to accept reality,

the way he had it told

And if I dare objecting,

he’d throw me out to rot

He wouldn’t know about me,

if for him I took a shot


(Putting the caps preparing ourselves)

But I still love him definitely,

with all these problems definitely

Because consequently and reciprocally,

consequently and reciprocally


(HaPpY DaNcInG pArT)

He paved my street,

he paved my street,

in our area it was only me

And then water bottles

and a colored cap,

on voting day

he gave for free!!!

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