X-MEN: Days of Future Past- Lebanon Promo items competition

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21 Responses

  1. Dory Tanios says:

    in the 70's

  2. Kevin Baykr says:

    They go back to the 70's

  3. Patrick Ziadeh says:

    To the 70s

  4. Magie Karboyan Ashekian says:

    50 Years Ago, In the 60's

  5. Serj Pa says:

    70s. 1973 to be exact.

  6. Abdallah Rustom says:

    the 70's

  7. Samer Rustom says:

    The 1970s

  8. Perla Zouein says:

    "in the 70's"

  9. Vanessa Joseph Hobeika says:


  10. Sarah Bitar says:

    1973 (70s decade)

  11. Leila-Rossa Mouawad says:


  12. Christina Ashekian says:

    In The 70's

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