Wine Tasting Workshop at AltCity

Do you want to stand in front of the wine aisle and know exactly which bottle of wine would complement your meal?

Or be one of those sophisticated looking people who always taste the wine before it is served? Well… all it takes is knowing a couple of things about its smell, color or taste to help you differentiate between good and bad wine.

Wine Tasting Workshop

Wine Tasting Workshop

– Ethics of tasting
– Methodology of wine tasting
– Olfaction ; smelling the wine
– Aromas of different types of wine
– Production of white, red, rosé, sweet and sparkling wine.
– Flavors of red, white and rosé wines
– Detection of wine imperfections
– Interpretation and reading labels
– Constitution of a wine cellar: essential wines that should be bought
– Management of the cellar: temperature, inventory, and conservation and aging.
– Complimentary food and dishes to be served with wine
– Activity: The participants will be blindfolded, and the wine will be poured into cups. The participants have to guess which wine they are drinking.

*Please note that this workshop only allows participants of legal drinking age (18+). Ages below 18 will not be allowed to participate.

(Food will not be provided)

Instructors: Carlos Khachan (Click for Bio)

Date: 22 Feb 2014
Venue: AltCity | Hamra Main Street, Montreal Building, Floor M
Time: 2:00 pm till 8:00 pm


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