Will Smith made Concussion the perfect movie to watch

Will Smith tells the story of Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist under pressure from the NFL to hide the truth about concussions after discovering football-related brain trauma in a player.

Directed by Peter Landesman (Parkland), Will Smith made concussion the perfect movie to watch.

The opening of Concussion centers on beloved Pittsburgh Steelers lineman Mike Webster (David Morse). When he’s found dead in his truck in 2002, Omalu is on duty in the morgue and sees oddities in Webster’s brain that shouldn’t be there with a 50-year-old.

His research into other football players who died young and had problems with drugs and personal issues proves fruitful in diagnosing this disease as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). When the medical world at large begins to pay attention, Omalu and those around him are put in the crosshairs of the powerful NFL.

The cast is a stellar one, especially Smith. Not only does he capture Omalu’s Nigerian accent and mannerisms but also the character’s idiosyncrasies. This is a man who cares much more about humans than football, and it’s touching to watch how he whispers to a dead man on a slab and asks to find out what is wrong.

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