Wicker Park 2012

Wicker Park is a one day festival aimed at raising awareness on issues dealing with our current environment. It is a call to action to motivate our society towards change.

Wicker Park will include:
• A Musical Concert
• Art Exhibitions
• Animated Projections

The idea behind this project is to influence people on more than one aspect, environmentally, musically, artistically, and culturally. Wicker Park want to be able to make statements on more than one matter through music and art, and hopefully people will be able to relate to our messages.

Wicker Park aim through this event is to promote an environmental awareness issue. Wicker Park believe that together through the talents of young Lebanese artist, Wicker Park will be able to urge the youth to respect Mother Nature and act socially responsible.

This year Wickerpark will be a 2 day festival (29-30 June)

29 June: 
– Photography, illustration exhibitions
– Ecological Fair
– Short films screening
– Acoustic Set
– DJ set by Igar Dnalor and Roland Ragi

30 June: 
While the exhibitions and the ecological fair will still be in the venue it will be a day for music featuring:
– Karl Mattar
– Who Killed Bruce Lee
– Sae Lis
– Flying Circus
– Zeid and The Wings
– The Beirut Groove Collective feat Zaad

Wicker Park 2012

Wicker Park 2012

Green projects
Wicker Park started on a project to repopulate sea urchins, since this specie is disappearing from our sea, and the project is being studied and will be implemented with the marine biology center in Batroun, Lebanon Green Again and the ministry of the environment.

Cultural projects 
Wickerpark in itself is a cultural awareness festival, however we would also like to make a difference on a more tangible aspect by providing a music room for SOS in their new youth center in Sin El Fil (Y-Tech)
Wickerpark is organized by Soul Arch and in collaboration with Lebanon Green Again, it is under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment.

Who Is Wicker Park :
Members of the NGO “Lebanon Green Again”, we are a group of young talents with a diversity of interests who got together in a common goal
to inspire our generation and resort to action.

Working closely and under the patronage of the Ministry Of Environment, the festival will be carefully communicated as part of the Ministry’s
nationwide effort to promote the preservation of our environment and the rich ecological aspect of our nature.


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