‘Walking Objects’ by Samer Al Ameen

Smogallery is pleased to announce ‘Walking Objects’, a solo exhibition by Lebanese designer Samer Al Ameen. The exhibition will be presenting the first object created by his newly founded company: the Khaizaran chair, re-created in various modern editions.

Opening Reception: Thursday 12 January 2012, 6-10 pm
The exhibition will run until 26 January 2012

Samer Al Ameen graduated with a degree in graphic design and fine arts in 1993, after which he worked with three of the top advertising agencies: Publigraphics, Grey Worldwide and Fortune Promoseven. In 2000, he was assigned Regional Creative at Grey Worldwide and in 2006 decided to leave the advertising industry to launch his own Image Consultancy Company 2503, which he continues to run today. After experimenting with design and production for himself and events handled for clients, he decided to create his own brand ‘Walking Objects’ devoted to design objects that are simple, interesting multifunctional and affordable.


In his first object Samer avoids creating new forms; rather, he uses a historical archetypal shape, the Khaizaran chair, which he then adapts through the use of new materials and techniques to give it a new meaning, combining the past and the present. The traditional Khaizaran chair is produced in stainless steel in 5 variations:
– Solid edition: flag seat.
– Dots edition: perforated seat.
– Classic edition: leather seat in two classic leather colors.
– Neon edition: silk seats in eight vibrant colors.
– Neutral edition: glossy rafia seats in six neutral colors.

“I need to tell a story in everything I do, whether in an event, window display and now my objects. The idea behind ‘Object # 1’ was to take an interesting beautiful object that is loved and appreciated by lots of people and renovate it to give it a modern feel, in a material that makes it timeless. The Khaizaran chair is one of my favorite chairs and loved by many as well.  It is easy to include in any space.  Traditionally you would find them everywhere, restaurants, schools, coffee shops, peoples kitchens, on the street, everywhere. I wanted to give it a new look, functional and fresh.”

Smogallery opens Monday to Friday from 10:00-6:00pm Saturday from 2:00-6:00pm and/or by appointment
For more information please email info@smogallery.com or call 01 572202


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