Vertical Collisions

Vertical Collisions
Vertical Collisions

VERTICAL COLLISIONS, Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition, April 30-May 10, 2015

Vertical Collisions exhibition continues this week with a full program of parallel events and the opportunity to meet the artists at Station.

Vertical Collisions is an interdisciplinary art exhibition and series of parallel events that brings together over 20 artists from Lebanon, USA, Switzerland, Iran, Armenia and Slovenia. The exhibition will create an ecosystem where art, music and technology come together to present and provoke reflection, beyond any political discourse, on the techno-social tensions facing society in the 21st century.

Most of the artworks presented are unique pieces created specifically for the exhibition at STATION. Through these works, the artists address the colliding forces linked to issues of surveillance, systems of power, human rights abuse, questions of ecology, economic dependency, ideologies, technology, religions and gender.

Initiated by: Miha Vipotnik / SLO

Parallel Events:

Tuesday | 05.05 | 7pm
now الآن
performance by Mirella Salame. Part 2
“now” is a performance revolving around the notion of writing as a form of memory, a present act, which as soon as activated, inks the past, but keeps bringing it back to the present when read, in the future.

Wednesdday | 06.05 | 8pm
Skype conference with Lisa Parks, Ph.D. professor of Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, where she is currently the Director of the Center for Information Technology and Society,and the authors of Spectral Configuration installation
An insight into the process of creating the interactive installation and the background of the concept

Thursday | 07.05 | 8pm
Film Projection
Hamasat (Whispers) by Maroun Baghdadi
Shot in 1980 in the middle of the war, this road trip across all of Lebanon delivers the destiny of a lost generation and a state of places tainted by poetry, nostalgia, memory of decayed times, fears and anticipations for the future, where Baghdadi depicts a nation in ruins struggling for survival and hope, all through the words of a poet Nadia Tueni.
Followed by open discussion on collective memory
Moderated by Tarek Joseph Chemaly hosting Farid Chehab, the film’s producer

Friday | 08.05 | 8pm
Live Concert
Koch/Badrutt (CH)
Hans Koch (bass clarinet, saxophone, electronics)
Gaudenz Badrutt (computer sampling, electronics)

Saturday | 10.05 | 7pm
now الآن part 3
performance by Mirella Salame

Sunday | 10.05 | 4pm
Smoking bombs event with Melissa Ghazale and Jure Cvitan
folowed by a DJ set and closing party

Presenting artists:
Majid Ahmadi / IR
Charbel Samuel Aoun / LB
Gaudenz Badrutt / CH
Giorgio Bassil / LB
Sabine Al Chamaa / LB
Stephanie Korab / LB
Jure Cvitan / SLO
Mark Abou Farhat / LB
Ghenwa Abou Fayad / LB
Tadej Fius / SLO
Melissa Ghazale / LB
Elsy Hajjar / LB
Shoeib Kashani / IR
Hans Koch / CH
Elie Mouhanna / LB
Rami Moukarzal / LB
Helen Parkes / GRB
Lisa Parks / USA
Mirella Salame / LB
Patil Tchilinguirian / AR
Maud Zeinoun / LB

Vertical Collisions

Vertical Collisions

Date: April 30 – May 10
Venue: Station Beirut – Jisr El Wati / Souk El Ahad – Lebanon


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