Uber has a new icon, do you like it?

You will be very soon updating the Uber app on your phone, this will bring a new icon, and you may not like it, so don’t freak out!

It seems that Uber has ditched the familiar ‘U’ for what appears to be a map with your location at the center. Uber describes the center square-ish piece as a “bit,” and now has separate icons for riders and partners.

Uber also has a new logotype, which the company says “reflects a more substantial look as we too have matured as a company.” It’s a bit stronger, and more masculine; Uber says it was redesigned so users could identify it from afar.

Another initiative, which the company is calling “Atom,” will bring a unique look and feel to each city in the Uber app. Rather than keep everything static, Uber is trying to afford each city a unique look and feel.

Again, this all comes via an update, and is a rebranding effort; nothing about your Uber experience has changed, which may be the biggest oversight.


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