Top 5 Food Delivery Centers in Beirut [Review]

As part of my followers know, i decided to test and review some of the most famous food delivery centers around Beirut. After all, more than 80% of the Lebanese population orders at least once a week.

The candidates list was big, but I successfully limited it to: Roadster Diner, Crepaway, Classic Burger Joint, Tomatomatic, Pizza Hut, Deek Duke, Malek El Tawou2, Burger King, Shawarmanji, Zaatar W Zeit and Leil Nhar.

As you may notice, they are very popular delivery centers, yet some of them failed even the basics of a delivery service.

Below are the Top 5 delivery centers according to my experience within the last 30 days timeframe.

5) Zaatar W Zeit

Zaata W Zeit

Despite having one of the greatest packaging around, Zaatar W Zeit fails as a friendly and knowledgeable call center. In addition, they are too cheap to call you if they don’t know the location (Missed Call? Like Really?). And the food is almost always cold and never on time.

4) Burger King

Burger King

They know their menu. They arrive on time. They know the area. But the food is almost always cold.

3) Crepaway it is!


Top 3 is pretty close. Crepaway got the number 3 because of the great packaging, knowledge of the menu and offers, they are almost always on time. Yet, the food isn’t always in the near perfect state when you get it.

2) A tie between Classic Burger Joint and Roadster Diner.

Classic Burger Joint

The weird thing is that I thought they should be in first place, until I met the winner. Classic Burger Joint has one of the friendliest delivery centers, they know their menu pretty well! They are always on time! The packaging is perfect ( I love how they hide the fork under the burger)! But they sometimes fail in the food temperature department :(.

Roadster Diner

On the other hand, Roadster Diner wins in all departments except on one important level: The delivery center is anything but friendly! It’s like your calling a machine that is in a hurry to finish your call.

1) The winner is…….. TOMATOMATIC PIZZA!

Even though they are the same company and delivery center as Classic Burger Joint, Tomatomatic pizza wins on all levels: One of the friendliest people ever! They are never trying to push you to order food you don’t want! Always on time (sometimes even earlier than estimated), and the pizza is……………… heavenly. Hats off to the best pizza in town!

Tomatomatic Pizza


My next review? Loyalty cards in Lebanese restaurants! Well I have a weird relationship with food ;).


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