The most “funky & unique” 14 Hair Designs

How to create a hair tattoo?

A design is usually shaved into the hair, and the scalp underneath peeks out creating a contrasting design. These usually stand out best in darker hair, but blonde hair tattoos can look pretty amazing too.

Both men and women can opt for hair tattoos. Women, however, usually opt for undercut hair tattoos, which are designs shaved into the bottom layers of the hair only, just above the neck. These undercut hair designs are easily hidden when the hair is down, but can be put on display by putting the hair up.

Check out the following awesome hair tattoo designs for inspiration:

  1. 3D Star Hair Tattoo


  1. Mohawk With Decorative Hair Tattoo


  1. Shooting Star Hair Tattoo


  1. Lizard Hair Tattoo


  1. Small Heart Hair Tattoo


  1. Playing Cards Hair Tattoo


  1. Optical Illusion Hair Tattoo


  1. Music Note Hair Tattoo


  1. Lotus Flower Hair Tattoo


  1. Decorative Hair Tattoo for Guys


  1. Pink Hair Tattoo


  1. Sun Undercut Hair Tattoo


  1. Blonde Hair Tattoo


  1. Undercut Braided Hair Tattoo


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