“The Middle State” by Mazen Khaddaj

“THE MIDDLE STATE” is the name of Khaddaj’s upcoming exhibition in 392Rmeil393 (FEBRUARY 5 – MARCH 8 2015).

The concept of the exhibition mirrors the mixed feelings that Lebanese people have towards their recent state. It is a war between extremes. In this exhibition he showcases these extremes leaving you to figure out your own middle state and draw your own red line, and it does not have to be red!

Opening vernissage February 5, 2015 (6:00pm – 9:00pm). The exhibition will consist of 29 paintings, 3 video installations and 2 live art performances. Khaddaj will be performing the night of the opening at 7:30 pm and also on the 14th of Feb a full day interactive performance.

Mazen Khaddaj was born in Aley, Mount Lebanon in 1985. He attended The American University of Science and Technology and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. Mazen has been painting and sculpting since childhood. He was part of several collective exhibitions and one solo. He is currently an art director in JWT.

For more info:
392RMEIL393@gmail.com | +961 76875936 | www.392rmeil393.com
info@mazenkhaddaj.com | +961 3588824 | www.mazenkhaddaj.com

"The Middle State"

“The Middle State”

Date: February 5 – March 8 2015
Venue: 392rmeil393 – Gouraud street, Berbari alley (Gemmayze), Beirut, Lebanon


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