The Flight Crew film is “really good” for such a “low budget” [review]

Rating 8/10

He had literary ambitions of his own, Director Nikolai Lebedev wanted to make a film-catastrophe, but did not negotiated with potential producers, until Leonid Vereshchagin and Nikita Mikhalkov suggest to work on a remake for “Air Crew”.

The director started work by support from Alexander Mitta, who directed the soviet film of the same name in 1979. The movie received a support from Russian Government which funding the movie through the National Cinema Foundation.

“The Flight Crew” is the second catastrophe film shot in the Russian Federation and produced by Russia-1 Channel. And well it looks good, really good, for such a low budget!

You know! In a time where $100 million dollar budgets are the normal for this kind of disaster movie, the film shot in digital 3D IMAX camera has a found-footage budget of $5 million. So I guess this film is pretty amazing.


Talented young pilot Alexey Guchshin does not accept authority and acts in accordance with a personal code of honor. For failure to comply with an absurd order, he is prevented from flying military aircraft and only through the connections of his father (famous aircraft engineer) does he get a chance to fly a passenger airliner.

He has to start his flying career again: Alexey becomes the second pilot-trainee on the Tu-204SM under the guidance of an experienced crew commander, the pilot Leonid Zinchenko. Their work relationship is not easy, but due to Alexey’s talent, Leonid chooses to keep him at his side, even after more cases of insubordination (again, failure to comply with absurd orders).

During the flight to Southeast Asia, the crew receives a message about an earthquake on a volcanic island and decides to go to the epicenter of the disaster to evacuate people before the expected volcano eruption.

Together, the two pilots manage to escape the island on two planes, however, the smaller cargo plane has not enough fuel. Using a risky maneuver, the crew manages to transfer passengers via sky line between the two vessels in air moments before the cargo plane would run out of fuel and crash into the ocean.

After the rough, but successful landing in lightning storm the two are terminated from their positions as pilots (as they both disobeyed a direct order), and are transferred to Aeroflot as flight interns.

The disaster flick co-stars Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudite, Yelena Yakovleva, Sergei Shakur and more. Check out the new trailer below.

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