The Best of Ziyad Sahhab Live at DRM

The best of Ziyad Sahhab in one show only. Ziyad Sahhab will showcase all his talent as a singer and composer in one special night. He will also perform his own renditions of the classical Arabic repertoire. Be ready to sing along, laugh and much more!

Author, composer and oud player, Ziyad Sahhab is perhaps one of the most emblematic singers /Oud player of the 20 something generation in Lebanon. He started playing the oud when he was 7 years old in Lebanon. At the age of 13, he performed solo at the Cairo Opera House at the memorial of Abdel Halim Hafez.

Ziad Sahhab

He became a member of the Beirut Arabic music orchestra in 1993. A true master of words, Ziyad Sahhab plays with their meanings and delivers incisive texts depicting society, love and everyday life. His poetry is engraved and marked by a spirit of rebellion that make him a key figure in the Lebanese contemporary Tarab music scene. On top of his own texts, he sings the poems of Egyptian and Lebanese poets such as Ahmad Fouad Najem, Mohamad Kheir, Fouad Haddad and Salah Jaheen. Ziyad uses his intimate knowledge of Classical Arabic music to create his unique and personal signature.

The night’s dinner menu:
Welcome drink for all dinner reservations. Roasted red pepper and feta fattouch, bakleh and olives. Fish in beirutieh sauce, lemon potatoes. Pistachio and mouhalbieh cigar, lemon syrup and fresh fruits.
Menu price $45 with bottle of wine for 4 or $55 with open bar

For information and reservations
Please call +961.70030032
Date : Saturday, January 21, 2012
Minimum Charge $20.00


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