The Beirut Groove Collective presents Jan Weissenfeldt (Poets of Rhythm)

The Beirut Groove Collective presents Jan Weissenfeldt ( Poets of Rhythm).

The Beirut Groove Collective in collaboration with Yukunkun Club are pleased to announce the DJ set of contemporary German funk legend, the founder of Poets of rhythm and Ninja Tune artist Jan Weissenfeldt.

This first BGC all night strictly 45 session will feature an eclectic variety of DJ sets from Deep Funk and Boogie, to Afrobeat and Reggae. Jan Weissenfeldt will be supported by local Beirut Groove Collective DJ founders and residents such as:

DJ Racing Devi aka Ernesto Chahoud
Deejay Yukah
Natalie Shooter
Masa Teshima aka DJ Masakuti

and will be Hosted by Jackson Allers aka Brother Jackson from Redbull Quartertone Frequency Radio

The Beirut Groove Collective presents Jan Weissenfeldt (Poets of Rhythm)

The Beirut Groove Collective presents Jan Weissenfeldt (Poets of Rhythm)

Entrance Fees 10 USD
Venue: Yukunkun – Beirut Lebanon
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014

For those who doesn’t know J.J. here is a short Bio:
Jan Weissenfeldt
As composer, producer, bandleader and mastermind of the Poets Of Rhythm, JJ started to revive the now widely popular vintage Funk and Soul sound, in the early ‘90s. His unique approach to raw sonics and analogue recording techniques were a seminal influence to the aesthetics of the contemporary funk scene. Many of his productions were released on the most respected independent labels of their times, like Ninja Tune, Mo´Wax, Stones Throw/Now-Again & Strut. After the break-up of the Poets Of Rhythm, JJ went away from straight American funk to explore more experimental grounds, incorporating Afrobeat, World Jazz and Krautrock into his music and releasing critically acclaimed albums with his projects; Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns. He also played a significant role in launching the international career of Ghanaian legend Ebo Taylor, with whom he recorded 2 albums and toured the world for several years.
JJ´s main influence comes from being a devoted record collector. As a DJ he aims to share unusual sounds and take the people on a trip. He played his rare 45´s to ecstatic audiences from Tokyo to Sao Paulo and everywhere in between.

The Beirut Groove Collective
The Beirut Groove Collective (BGC) was established in 2009 by two of Lebanon’s pioneer DJs – Ernesto C. and Rami O. aka DJ Stickfiggr with the support of other Beirut musical pioneers like Ramsay Short – one of the first to introduce Beirut to a soul music flavor. The goal of the BGC was and is simple: to document, promote and preserve the best in African and African-influenced musical traditions – particularly Black American musical strains – jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, rare-groove and hip-hop.
At the time of its founding, Chahoud and Obeid knew that the musical offerings of this type were sparse, and mostly devoted to the more mainstream, commercial varieties of music. Certainly, there was no real appreciation of the rich musical heritage that made up the current fare of R&B and generic rap and jazz varieties played in clubs and on the corporate radio airwaves. Thus, with a little motivation and the help of a group of equally dedicated DJs and music connoisseurs, the BGC began a humble attempt to do something new in Beirut – organizing “house-party” events with a premium on utilizing alternative, community-oriented spaces as a means of drawing parallels to the underground funk and soul parties that used to occur in the major urban centers of America and Africa in the 1970s.
In 2008/9, the BGC added new members to the equation, Painter and Trombonist Tom Young aka Tom Bone, and DJ/broadcaster Jackson Allers aka Brother Jackson. Together with other members of the DJ collective such as Ghayyan Al-Amine aka Heavy G, and the Reggae duo DJ Yukah and Dubby One, Natalie Shooter and DJ Masaktuti. The Beirut Groove Collective has successfully become the Middle East’s premiere stop off for all things funky, soulful and alternative where African-influenced musical traditions are concerned.
With 2010 appearances by Ernesto in Paris, London and at the DJ Solo/Wriggley Scott led DUST party series in Dubai in 2012, the BGC has begun to travel with their musical philosophy linking with similar musical movements worldwide – all with the aim of breaking down cultural and racial barriers while presenting the best in rare African-influenced sounds.
The collective have hosted and played alongside many international DJs throughout the years such as Nickodemus (NYC, Turntables on the Hudson), Florian Keller (Munich), Mostyn Megadon Betamax (Sydney/Dubai), Al Kent, Jazzie B and the Herbaliser, among many others.
As the BGC likes to say: “Funk Ain’t Noise Pollution.”


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