Tania Saleh – 3refti Ayya Style?

After the great success of Tania Saleh’s latest album “Wehde” released in 2011 and Nadine Labaki’s internationally acclaimed film “Where Do We Go Now” that she co-wrote the songs for, she decided to review all her repertoire at DRM where she will perform song…s of her first and second album in addition to Nadine Labaki’s films songs. She will also perform 2 new unreleased songs that she wrote for her next album.

Tania Saleh is a Lebanese singer/songwriter who has been paving her own path in the Arabic underground musical scene since 1990. Her voice is wise and true, a soft mix between the traditional Arabic music she was raised on and the western sounds she chose to follow. She writes about the daily worries of a troubled society, of love and hate and what’s in between. Her music follows the rhythm of her daily life and mirrors her changing mood, creating a boiling pot of tunes, feelings and love for innovation.

Tania graduated from La Sorbonne, Paris in 1992 with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and has been working in the creative industry since then.

She was an illustrator, a backing vocalist and an actress in famous Lebanese musician and playwright Ziad Rahbani’s musical and theatrical work between 1993 and 1996.

In 2002, she released her first album, “Tania Saleh” with Lebanese music veteran Issam Hajj Ali and music producer/sound engineer Philippe Tohme.

In 2005, she wrote the lyrics to “Mreyte Ya Mreyte”, the title song in Nadine Labaki’s first feature film “Caramel”, composed by Khaled Mouzannar and the lyrics to Natasha Atlas’ “Communicate”.

In 2009, she shot the music video “Ya Wled”, a critical ode to all Lebanese politicians prior to the parliamentary elections.

Her first trip to the U.S.A. was hosted by music producer Miles Copeland who chose her as one of the main Arab artists portrayed in the PBS-produced musical documentary entitled: “Dissonance and Harmony/Arab Music Goes West”. The documentary was preceded by a 5-day musical workshop uniting American and Arab artists at SIR studios in Los Angeles. It was directed by Jon Brandeis and aired on PBS, BBC and Al Jazeera and soon on Al Hurra. The result of this workshop/documentary was the songs: “Slow Down” (released on the compilation “Desert Roses5”) and the song “Had There Been a Dream” (released on the compilation “Bagdad Heavy Metal”) both produced by Miles Copeland between 2006 and 2009.

She performed live in various venues of the world including DRM Beirut, Byblos International Festival, Opera House and Genaina Theater in Cairo, National Theater of Doha, The Roxy (Los Angeles) and Arlington Festival (Washington, D.C.)

In 2010, she was featured on Al Jazeera in “Next Music Station”, a documentary by musician /filmmaker Fermin Muguruza who painted a ‘soundscape’ of the modern Arab music scene. The film was screened in Studio 39, New York the next year.

In 2011, she released her second studio album (co-produced by Philippe Tohme) and a music video entitled “Wehde”. The album immediately became number 1 on the TOP 10 list of best selling albums at Virgin Megastore, Beirut.

She also wrote the lyrics and coached the singers in Khaled Mouzannar’s soundtrack for Nadine Labaki’s second feature film “Where Do We Go Now?” released worldwide in September 2011. The film soundtrack was distributed worldwide and also made it to number 1 on the TOP 10 list of best selling albums at Virgin Megastore, Beirut. It won “Best Music Award” in Stockholm International Film Festival in November 2011.

This year, Tania’s song “Hsebak Baadein” was included in Galileo’s Lebanese underground music compilation entitled “Radio Beirut” released in Germany and on all online music platforms. She is currently writing her third studio album and her first children songs CD, both to be released by the end of the year.

Artist : Tania Saleh
Genre :  Alternative Arabic
Date : Thursday, July 12, 2012
Tickets : $30.00
For reservation and information +961.1.752202+961.70030032


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