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Wine Tasting Workshop

Wine Tasting Workshop

Tasting wine is more than simply taking a big swig and gulping it down. Learn the basics about wines, wine tasting and wine imperfection


VINITOUR 2013 at OUMSIYAT MTEIN (Lebanon) on Sunday October 6th 2013.

Wine Tasting Workshop

Vinifest 2013

Vinifest 2013 is the pinnacle event of the fall season, bringing together thousands of wine lovers from across Lebanon to celebrate the largest and most exciting wine festival of the Middle East.

La Brocante Du Damour


La brocante Arc en Ciel, Club Grappe et La Maison du Sommelier vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes et vous invite à une journée portes ouvertes au centre arcenciel de Damour, le samedi 5 Janvier...