Subliminal : “The 1st Edition”

Last year was great for us, we started our first events, we gave away many CDs and we tried to share the best genres of music you could listen to.

Now we’re in 2014, and it’s time for us to present a new series of events.

Subliminal : "The 1st Edition"

Subliminal : “The 1st Edition”

Introducing our first edition of 2014:. The schedule will be as follows:
EDL – Gemmayzeh
Music: Louis & Raja
Deal: Free entrance (Happy hour before 9pm 50%)

Oblik – Mar Mikhael
Music: Kelly Hr & Cyril
Deal: Free Entrance (Happy hour before 9pm 50%)

Unplugged – Monot
Music : Subliminal feat The Unplugged Poets
Deal: Free entrance


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