“Starry Night”

American University of Beirut, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Zaki Nassif Program for Music, The AUB Zaki Nassif Program Music Festival, “In Celebration of a Musical Legacy”, presents “Starry Night”

Quatuor Musique Del Tempo – Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences

Established in 2007 under the patronage of Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences by members of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra who subsequently quit their posts in the orchestra and their professorship posts in order to dedicate their time to the project. The quartet members are all graduates from prestigious conservatories including the Moscow Conservatory and Trinity College of Music (London). They have taken part individually and collectively in international competitions such as the Osaka Chamber Music Competition 1993 (Japan), the John Barbirolli String Quartet Prize 1996 (London), and have had the privilege of performing in prestigious venues stretching from England to South Korea, including the highly-acclaimed Moscow Conservatory Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall (London). Quatuor Musique del Tempo performs the standard repertoire, classical and contemporary as well as quasi-Arab music derived from Middle Eastern folk tunes, which have become popular with a great number of audiences everywhere. These pieces are either composed or arranged by members of the quartet, especially Brin Hashim. The Quartet is also involved in several other chamber music projects linking them up with renowned musicians playing quintets, sextets and more, performing a variety of standard and contemporary compositions. Del Tempo is renowned for its charity work, giving free concerts and workshops to the needy in orphanages and old people’s homes, or indeed any underprivileged groups who may request their services. A major forthcoming project is a planned series of concerts in June 2014 to take place in northern Italy for the benefit of victims of the 2012 earthquake.

"Starry Night"

“Starry Night”

The musicians names:
Brin Hashim(violin), Michel EL Murr (violin), Sam Ammouri (viola), Anastasia Yartseva (violoncello),
Mohammed Sidiq (piano), Bassem Al Jaber (Double Bass) and Ahmad Al Jomayli (Oboe)

1. ميلي يا جنات بلادي
2. ما نسي العرزال
3. عيونا سرقوا قلبي مني
4. نجوم الليل
5. إشتقنا كتير يا حبايب
6. بنقيلك أحلى زهرة
7. كنا سوا
8. أهواك
9. التوبة
10. تسألني الحسناء

Tickets on sale at the following locations:
– AUB Visitors’ Bureau (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
– ihjoz website: www.ihjoz.com
– AUB Assembly Hall entrance on the day of the concert, starting 6:30 pm
Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
For more information please contact: 01-350000, ext. 2685
or by email: events@aub.edu.lb

Ticket price: LL 33,000 (LL 18,000 for students upon presentation of student ID)

All proceeds from the concert will support the Zaki Nassif Program for Music at AUB


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