SkillPill: “Investigative Journalism”

Active ingredients: 50% Journalistic skills, 25% Hard Work, and 25% Will to Fight Injustice.

Indications & Usage:

– Do you want to learn a set of tools every journalist, who is willing to go into the depth of any story to write a balanced, well-documented, accurate and most importantly unbiased report, should know?
– Are you a true journalist who has eyes for only the truth?
– Are you sick and tired of reading published propaganda articles, and fake reports on every newspapers and in every TV channel?
– Do you fancy yourself uncovering the truth behind the lies told by a public figure? To find out the reality behind incidents otherwise overlooked by the public, and bringing justice to those who deserve it most?
– Are you willing to put an effort like no other to write about social and political events?
– Do you see yourself as a professional journalist willing to fight for the story until the truth is revealed?
– Do you see yourself as a serious blogger, telling the world about the reality of things around you?

About the Physician:
Ahmed Danny Ramadan is a jack of all trades: a journalist moonlighting as a published author, a columnist, and an activist.

Ramadan started his career as a journalist in Egypt in 2004, and now he writes mainly for the Washington Post, with articles published in Foreign Policy, The Guardian, among others, he majored in English literature, and knew that his passion in life is in journalism: he worked mainly reporting on cultural and social events back then, and became known for writing multiple reports about the struggles faced by sexual minorities in the Arab world, and about women and children rights.

In 2011, the Arab world went through a dramatic change; Ramadan found himself in the middle of all the political and social changes around him, and slowly but surely, he was sucked into the world of political reporting. Mainly, he reports now on the situation in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
Ramadan is a published author with two books in the market. Both of his books are collection of short stories written in Arabic. He is working currently on his first novel, which is taking way too long in his own personal opinion. He is originally Syrian, living currently in Lebanon with his partner and his dog, Phoebe, who snores at night, and fills his day with lots of saliva.

Possible Side Effects:
You are in a party, and someone asks you what do you do, and you say, while looking glorious that you’re an investigative journalist. That’s when your ego will be so big, it won’t fit in the room.

SkillPills are recommended every other week

Too much SkillPills might turn you into a know-it-all. Symptoms include giving tips at random times, and sharing unexpected fun facts with those around you. This annoys some people. Consume at your own risk.

SkillPill: "Investigative Journalism"

SkillPill: “Investigative Journalism”

Language: English
Date: Tuesday, August 5th 2014 at 7:00 pm
Location: AltCity – Hamra
Ticket: 20,000LL before event (and student rate – with ID). $20 on the door.

Leave your laptop at home, this is an old fashion pen-and-paper kind of a thing.


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