Shakira – Dare (La La La) [music]

Shakira’s ‘Dare (La La La)’ Will Make You Dance Whether You Want To Or Not.

Much like in “She Wolf,” the Anthony Mandler-directed clip shows the “Empire” singer going H.A.M. S.H.A.K. with her dancing, ducking and weaving her way around a monument, a mini-hedge maze, and an assortment of colorfully tiled walls.

Shakira’s soon joined by throngs of eager dancers as she questions: “Is it true that you love me/ I dare you to kiss me/ With everyone watching/ It’s truth or dare on the dancefloor.” Ooooooooh, dare! Pick dare. No, truth! No, wait… Dare!

Shakira - Dare (La La La)

Shakira – Dare (La La La)

Speaking of lyrics, our fave line from “Dare (La La La)” is definitely: “Let’s not recover, time to hangover/ When your eyes got me drunk I was sober.” That’s got to be the most Shakirical combination of words since “I’m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine at an office.

Needless to say, we’re scheduling an appointment to get it tramp-stamped after work. Till then, we’ll just be sitting here with the clip on repeat, mesmerized by the almighty power of Shak — and we don’t care who’s watching.


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