Science Days 2011

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  1. mtarab says:

    I would like to see the folks back home focusing on solving the energy crisis. With no oil under the land, I would encourage the folks to consider wind energy. Think 1.5+ MWe wind turbines a bit out in the sea, and several up in the mountains. They are about $ 2M a pop …. Start a ‘Help Lebanon’ national and international drive. I see a lot of folks in Beirut driving around in BMWs when the focus should be on solving chronic social and economic problems which if not solved, Lebanon will be heading the Greek way, 10 time worse. Become the hub of wind power and Hydrogen power innovation of the ME. Yes you can. And aside from the fact that this will gen electricity, it will also generate jobs.

    Start with one, and then the next and so on. There is nothing wrong with baby steps.

    Art is beautiful, science is important, energy is survival.

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