Sales & marketing NLP Workshop

Sales& marketing NLP is a specialized program that provides the must know skills, techniques, and facts in order to build a marketer who can grab the audience to choose “YOU”.

NLP is major field that each reputable institution must not overlook now a days, especially if one wants to make the most out of the institutions performance, income, and ability.

The program addresses the basic NLP skills that each and every sales specialist and marketer should be aware of.

Duration: 1 full day
Target: Sales Specialists
Date: 14th March, 2015
Venue: Crown Plaza – Beirut, Lebanon

Sales & marketing NLP Workshop

Sales & marketing NLP Workshop

Objectives and outcomes:
– Meeting the unconscious effective skills
– Knowing the unconscious speech and how to catch it
– Meeting the Metaprograms used by the international advertising institutions
– Icebreaking
– Developing the communication skills between sales and customer
– Rapport building
– Representational Systems


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