Review on “Part of me” by Katy Perry

Katy was the chart topper of 2011, but what about her style? does it have to change so we don’t get bored? or we are satisfied with her look alike songs? ET was a stand out in her music style, and the rest of the “Teenage Dream” album were almost the same.

Here you go! have a listen.

“Part of me” is another Katy chart topper as the critics said, but for me, Katy is drowned in her loop repeating the same style of music and singing techniques. It sounds so much like “The one that got away” especially the last part of it.

I admit the song is not bad at all lyrically, it shows she is strong after her divorce with her ex hubby, every word stand for the strong woman who won’t be losing over a breakup!
Your song is not bad Katy, but i guess you’re too much stuck with your style! Change must come along the way…

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