“Pride + Prejudice + Zombies”: a pre-Valentine’s Day movie!

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is a film about love and social status in early 1800s England, but in an alternative universe where the country is co-populated by the living and the living dead.

Who wrote it?

Repurposing Jane Austen’s classic of English literature, Seth Grahame-Smith’s zombie horror take was an instant bestseller when it hit bookstore shelves in 2009.

Author and TV scriptwriter Grahame-Smith had already trained himself in the art of avoiding death-by-the-undead, with “How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills” among his pre-“Zombies” oeuvre, and he got into films not long after his mainstream breakthrough.

2012’s “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” was an adaptation of his next novel, becoming a $116m box office hit, and he wrote the same year’s “Dark Shadows” for “Abraham Lincoln” producer Tim Burton.

Who’s directing?

Before boarding the Lionsgate project, Burr Steers wrote and directed his debut, dramatic comedy “Igby Goes Down,” which was commended with a Special Recognition award from the National Board of Review, with Kieran Culkin acclaimed in the lead role.

He then wrote the Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey romcom “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

Stints directing episodes of “The L Word,” “Weeds” and “Big Love” followed, before he helmed two Zac Efron films in a row — “17 Again” and “Charlie St. Cloud.”

Who’s in it?

Lily James, most recently seen in “Cinderella,” “Burnt,” and the “Downton Abbey” end-of-year special, takes on the role of zombie-slaying heroine Elizabeth Bennett.

Opposite her is Sam Riley, made famous through Anton Corbijn’s portrait of British singer Ian Curtis in “Control,” and subsequently Disney’s Sleeping Beauty reimagining, “Maleficent”; Riley plays an aloof Mr. Darcy.

Also in support are Douglas Booth (“Noah,” “Jupiter Ascending,” 2013’s “Romeo & Juliet,”) as Bingley, Sally Jones (the “Bridget Jones” adaptations, which itself was inspired by “Pride & Prejudice”) as matchmaking mother Mrs Bennet, and Charles Dance (“Alien 3,” “The Imitation Game,” “Victor Frankenstein”) as martial arts expert Mr Bennet.

When’s it out?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies releases February 5 in US and Canadian cinemas as well as select international territories. Global roll-out continues from February 11, the UK and Ireland, Russia and Singapore included, and wider European and South American releases planned for March and April.

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