POLIAKOV Vodka presents: LONDON GRAMMAR in Beirut

POLIAKOV Vodka proudly presents the highly acclaimed & praised breakthrough act of 2013/2014: LONDON GRAMMAR in Beirut

Date: Saturday Sept 20, 2014 @ BIEL | hall 1

They have dominated the music scene:
> Opened Coldplay shows in the USA
> Nominated for British Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards 2014!
> Won Best Song for “Strong” at the prestigious Ivor Novello 2014 Awards
> “If You Wait” has gone platinum in the UK with its album



London Grammar are one of the most exciting young bands to emerge in the past year with a brand of mature-beyond-young-years trip-hop that utilizes a genuinely stunning vocal and an innovative mix of influences.

London Grammar’s music has been described as “a blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds” with melancholy guitar, soaring vocals and plaintive lyrics. Hannah Reid’s powerful, brooding vocals, prominent on all of London Grammar’s tracks

Trip-hop trio London Grammar, made up of Dominic Major, Hannah Reid and Daniel Rothman, won Best Song Musically and Lyrically for their track Strong.

They won the prestigious Ivor Novello 2014 award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically with their single, Strong
& Nominated for British Breakthrough Act 2014

London Grammar continue to prove just why they’re one of the most exciting new bands to breakthrough as their debut album, If You Wait, entered the UK album charts at number 2 outselling both: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. With their first ever headline tour sold out

With “If You Wait” London Grammar have created an album of graceful sophistication

This is an enthralling, stunning, deeply emotive album that perfectly marries understated electronica to sublime vocals and melodies

It’s an assured collection of 11 songs that capture a mixture of exhilaration and heartbreak that is all their own.

If You Wait is emotional, uplifting and stunningly beautiful. The use of trippy, light and airy dance beats along with strong, lung-busting vocals creates an album that is pushing music into the future

International allure. Hannah Reid’s voice is like a balm to the soul. It even works over the radio and the elegant “Strong” is the best evidence of this yet. The vocals soar over a sultry background reminiscent of the soundscapes of Massive Attack and Portishead.

Hannah Reid indeed graceful and sensitive, Reid’s voice could cure cancer. It’s angelic yet brooding, pure yet fierce, consuming yet ethereal. Her range is incredibly wide, flirting swiftly between a deep chest voice and tragic falsetto

TICKETS ( available at all Virgin Ticketing BO branches as of June 13) :
➢ Standing ( 18+ ): $ 50 (incl vat)
➢ Standing ( Teen Section: -18 ): $ 50 (incl vat)
➢ Golden Cage | limited capacity ( 18+ ) : $ 75 (incl vat)

➢ Seated:
> ( Zone A ): $ 200 (incl vat)
> ( Zone B ): $ 150 (incl vat)
> ( Zone C ): $ 100 (incl vat)
> ( Zone D ): $ 75 (incl vat)

Infoline: 03 333 503


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