POETIC LICENSE, special Open Mic edition

A special Open Mic edition, mixing new faces with our regular performers:  Hosted by our beloved Monifa Al Sharifa (& friends)

Live Performance: Hello, Psychaleppo
Video projection: Short Films art / poetry

Behind the decks: Madnomad

If interested in joining the Open Mic session with:
Poetry in any language- spoken, read, sung, rapped or slammed, Performance Art, Stand up Comedy, Video Projection or other.. as long as it’s Poetic. We only set up two rules for obvious reasons which we hope you will respect:

– Present original material (your material)
– Your performance/reading should not exceed 3 minutes.

If you need more time or anything other than a mic on stage please contact us with details in good time.

As we will be joined by our regular poets/artists, some of the acts will exceed the 3 min timeframe, but they have been decided beforehand.

We are working on a new Open Mic series to proceed this one, therefor if you do not get your chance this time come for inspiration and join us later on.

Presentation of Poetic License by Bart Santone (Nader Tabri):

“Poetic license is basically a platform for poetic expression. It doesn’t have to be poetry in the strict sense. It could be storytelling, music, singing, dancing, performance art, film, video art, satirical comedy, parlor magic, ventriloquy, baton twirling, figure-skating, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, trapeze artistry, lion taming, falconry, organic horticulture, turf management, lawn mowing, umbrella twirling, sausage making, cake decorating, high altitude cooking, napkin folding, lint-picking, furniture testing, taxidermy, rhinoplasty, liposuction, Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, software engineering, space exploration, reckless driving, binge-eating, bounty hunting, or religious extremism…

So whether you’re a modern-day Becket with an interesting sequel for “Waiting for Godot”, where Godot finally returns from his inexplicably long tonsil removal operation, or a cake enthusiast, with a pastry bag full of buttercream and a passion for piping swirls and circles on 12-tier wedding cakes, this platform is for you.”

POETIC LICENSE, special Open Mic edition

POETIC LICENSE, special Open Mic edition

Entrance: 5000 L.L.
Venue: Yukunkun – Gemayzeh – Lebanon
Date: Thursday, April 17at 9:00pm


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