P!NDOLL Live at The Comedy Club

This February, be one of the Unique people to witness one of The greatest Nights ever!
On the 23rd, The Comedy Club, will be proud to present PINDOLL in a live concert.

P!NDOLL Live at The Comedy ClubGenre: Indie Nu-Jazz

Band members:
Jad Aouad – beats
Miran Gurunian – noise
Erin Mikaelian – vocals
Chris Reslan – bass
For more info or reservations, contact 71-525150

‘p!ndoll’ have quickly become one of the most recognized and accomplished local Lebanese bands today. With the classic setup: guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, this band is remembered not only because of their musicianship…
…but also because of the way they carry themselves on stage. Their selection of songs, attitude, attire and sound convey a certain message and shouts “vintage” or “authentic”; something not many local Lebanese bands manage to have today.
The band members first met around 11 years ago, though nothing concrete was create as they separated to each create their own musical path. Some went on to producing other bands’ albums; others went on to complete their musical degrees. Finally, 10 years later, they have come together and formed (although they don’t like to be categorized) a super group of ‘Indie nu-jazz’, something you don’t see or hear everyday in Lebanon.
Vocalist Erin Mikaelian immediately stands out and grabs your attention, vocally and aesthetically. Her strong and striking vocal work really shines while performing the golden era that is the “40s and 50s”. Backed by the right amount of funky guitars and noninvasive drums, Erin’s voice blends in perfectly giving that somewhat, standard song, an extra “zing” which takes the music to another level of enjoyment.
When asked about influence and inspiration, they answered, as most Lebanese bands answer today, with the surplus of controversial and abundances of corruption, wars, tyranny and revolution. However, they also write about the opposite end of the spectrum, love, which shows in their selection of covers such as “Tainted Love” and “My Favorite Things”.

p!ndoll have certainly defined their path to becoming one of the most original and unique local Lebanese bands today, which is why ScoopCity had to get an in-depth interview with these talented musicians.



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