“Payphone” Maroon5 ft. Wiz Khalifa | Review

Maroon 5 returns with their first single “Payphone” out of their upcoming album “Overexposed” which will be released soon enough for fans to enjoy another well worked album of their favorite band. Now after “Moves like Jagger” the nonsense song that made up a fuss in all the countries and made you dance to it, will they make a huge hit with “Payphone”?

Here you go, have a listen:

Well let’s be honest here, “Payphone” is way better than “Moves like Jagger” though it doesn’t make you move but it gives u a nice feeling while listening to it, the lyrics are nice and very true for the few people who had the same experience, and this part proves it all “one more love song i’ll be sick”.
No wonder why all of the artists have gone to the dance tracks, hahahaha… Just kidding we still have Adele above them all whenever we need a love song 🙂

The song is chilly, it puts you in a relaxed mode in spite that it triggers a very sensitive subject in relationships, but that’s Maroon 5, love their sound, lover their style, and this one reminded me alot of “This love” and “She will be loved”, 2 of their greatest hits of all time!
One more thing Wiz Khalifa added the cliche look to the song!

What do you think of “Payphone”? is it WIN or FAIL? let us know in the comments below.

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