Palais De Femmes, the title, is inspired by the name of an institution in Paris, Le Palais De La Femme. Sponsored by the Salvation Army, the space offers shelter and help for women in sharp crisis, in despair.

This multimedia “composition”, is inspired by the lives and works of famous women, mostly artists, who in our belief founded the only shelter which could contain them, their work of art. The only space in which they could truly exist.

A polyphony between words, notes, sounds, images and dance steps. The text in 5 languages (French, English, German, Arabic and Spanish) is inspired by the lives and works of women such as: Frida Kahlo, Marguerite Duras, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Oum Koulthoum, Tahia Karioca, Barbara, Nina Simone, Mary Barnes, Camille Claudel, Cleopatra, Dalida, Amelia Earhart, Samia Gamal, Nadia Tueini, Sabah Zwein, Billie Holiday, Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider, Edith Piaf and more.

Although the lives of some of the above women ended up tragically, we intend this project as a breath of encouragement, love and hope.

Joelle Khoury : Text, Composition and Piano
Chaghig Arzoumanian : Video
Alexandre Paulikevitch : Dance

Numerous Lebanese artists took part in the process of this project : Nadia Safieddine, Alice Massabki, Caroline Hatem, Lynn Kodeih, Chaza Charafeddin, Zeina Saab Demelero, Habiba Cheikh, Liza Tutunjian, Jesus Demelero, Tania Chammas



Tickets at the door : 15000 LL and 10000LL/students


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