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Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2011

The Abu Dhabi Science Festival brings the wondrous fun of science to the UAE through the first large-scale community engagement event of its kind in Abu Dhabi.

NYE-1 with Armin Van Buuren

On December 30th prepare to have all your expectations blown away as we put on a night of exclusive celebration… a night that’s unrivalled in style, glamour, sophistication and … music!!

Will Young – Come On [video]

‘Come On’ is one of favorite songs from Will Young’s ‘Echoes’ album, so we’re very pleased that it’s being released as a single. The fact that it has a really adorable video is a...

The Beirut Experience

The exhibition The Beirut Experience brings together 10 international artists selected for their interest in notions which are essential to the Beirut and Lebanese context, such as architecture, urban planning, memory, history or cultural identity, as...

Coldplay – Paradise [video]

Coldplay’s brand-new video for “Paradise” — a standout track on their upcoming Mylo Xyloto album — premiered Wednesday (October 19) on the band’s site.