Monte Cassino – Lebanon [Review]

When i was first invited to “Monte Cassino” soft opening, i didn’t know what to expect. After all, i have never been to a luxury “Boutique/hotel” in Lebanon.

Theย soft opening was held on June 27th, hidden in Tabarja near Casino Du Liban (Thank you Google Maps for showing me the way).

Monte Cassino

Monte Cassino

I got their at night (and in a hurry), so i didn’t have time to check everything, but went straight to the reception dinner with fellow lebanese bloggers: An amazing interior decoration that was mixed with the best food i’ve tasted in a while: Foodgasms anyone?

Restaurant Decoration

Restaurant Decoration

After that yummy dinner, i met the chef :D. And personally thanked him for a great meal (believe me i licked the sauce out of the “Pain Perdu”).

Dinner done, what’s next?

To my surprise (yes surprise because i didn’t expect that), a party was held as the rooftop of the hotel. One of the best things in Monte Cassino is the amazing view of Jouniyeh Bay, that wasn’t blocked by anything :D.



The View

The View

I can definitely say we had the best view for the fireworks celebrating the opening of Jouniyeh International Festival in that whole part of the bay.

I was too tired after the long day, so decided to crash in the room that was chosen for me: a very fluffy and comfy bed ^.^ along with a very well designed room with an attention to the smallest details. I guess the owner likes to pamper his guests, so they take care of everything, to be of a high quality: Even the shower caps :D. (Yes i like to try stuff).

My only comment was: Can you please make the AC a little bit warmer in the rooms ? ๐Ÿ˜€

I like trees, sue me :)

I like trees, sue me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for the great night (that was my first time watching the fireworks), and if you still not sure, how about you stalk them ? They have aย Facebook Page,ย Twitter Accountย , and they are onย Instagram!

Cheers to a great start Monte Cassino.


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