Mir Amin Palace [Review]

It was the first time, and i certainly would do it again.

First of all let me thank “Mir Amin Palace” for the invitation to their restaurant “Le Serail” as a way for wishing me a happy birthday. Well it was happy, and the experience was great.

I knew about the place, because they send me their events to publish it on this site, but i have never visited the place before. i knew the region, BeitEddine, but never been to this palace specifically.

After some guidance thanks to the mobile maps, we arrived to the main palace, a valet parking greeted us, and  we entered the main palace / hotel lobby. to be receive by a nice gentleman who helped us, since we were invited, and directed us to a section of the palace used as part of the restaurant for guests that don’t want open buffet, just a normal service.

The view was really great, although it was blocked by some fog at first, but then the weather cleared. We were on top of the mountain, with a clear view of BeitEddine Palace under us, and faced by a green valley with Deir El Qamar in the middle.

Part of the view

Part of the view

We were shown our table, then a gentleman took our order. Pure Lebanese food table: Mezza, Hommos, Warak Arish, Fattoush, Taouk, and many other things. The drink ? Arak of course !

I really couldn’t find any item on the table that is not delicious. Usually i have a very bad experience with “Warak Arish” in the restaurants, but this was simply perfect.

Although we were almost alone in this section of the palace ( some other guests later showed up), entertainment came. Traditional arabic music that goes with the mood of the old palace.

They know how to set a mood

They know how to set a mood

I have to say that, when i arrived i expected the place to be expensive, from the way it looks, to the whole experience in general. But when i saw the menu, i was surprised. a standard Lebanese style lunch: Mezza, Mashewe and Arak would cost around 20$ to 25$ per person, which i think is almost the same as any decent Lebanese restaurant in Beirut or in the malls we go around here.

So if you fancy a great food, some delicious food, and very friendly people, you should try “Le Serail” at Mir Amin Palace in BeitEddine.

Looking forward to be back next month with the family.


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  1. Youmna Chagoury says:

    Yeeeyyy! This is one of my favorite places in Lebanon. I love every single thing about it 🙂

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