MEEN + ADONIS LIVE IN CONCERT (guess مين adonis)

An exceptional event at Cyan Beach (Kaslik) uniting two of lebanon’s top bands: MEEN & ADONIS !

The event features guest artist Gaïa Salloum, Dj Joseph Jabbour, fire dancers and many more surprise acts!

About Meen:
Meen is a Lebanese rock band with a twist.
The band was founded by Fouad and Toni Yammine, the warped minds behind the quirky lyrics and catchy melodies.
They hold the noble mission of promoting Lebanese rock music as their main objective, followed by other worthy goals such as getting rich and impressing lots of chicks.
About Adonis:
“Their music is something to fall in love with. The five boys from Adonis produce songs that are, at times, achingly gorgeous, charming, whimsical, and enchantingly Lebanese.” – Now Lebanon.

“If the rambling back alleys, low-slung electricity cables and small, dusty, bustling neighborhoods of Beirut had a soundtrack, this would be it. Take Adonis by the hand and they’ll trace the lines of the city with you.” – Time-out Beirut.

Doors open at 8:00pm
Tickets available at Virgin Megastore (all branches)

Regular Ticket: $25 including one regular drink and a Frank’s Hot Dog
Premium Ticket: $40 including one regular drink, one premium drink and a Frank’s Hot Dog, with a great location and excellent stage visibility.

See you there!


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