Maroon 5 – Maps [music]

Maroon 5 released the official music video for their song “Maps” yesterday night on the official Maroon 5 YouTube channel.

“Maps” is a the lead single off Maroon 5′s upcoming fifth full-length album V. The video for the new Maroon 5 song premiered on MTV on Tuesday and made its way to the internet shortly after. You can watch the full Maroon 5 “Maps” video below.

As reported by, “Maps” is one of Maroon 5′s darkest songs yet, especially when accompanied by the music video. The video puts Maroon 5′s front man Adam Levine in the leading role in a dramatic tale of love, loss and betrayal. The video opens with Adam racing into a hospital desperately seeking the emergency room. He finds his girlfriend unconscious on a hospital bed, hooked up to a respirator and covered in gaping wounds.

Maroon 5 - Maps

Maroon 5 – Maps

From there the Maroon 5 video takes us backwards through time. We see Adam’s girlfriend get violently struck by a car while Adam searches the streets for her. Another flashback brings us to a party scene to learn why his girlfriend walked off without him. She catches Adam kissing another girl, which causes her to leave the party angrily. From there the Maroon 5 video takes us back even earlier, when the happy couple was getting ready for the party. All of this drama is underscored by Maroon 5′s typical upbeat pop rock, gilded with Adam Levine’s famous tenor vocals.

Fans will be both heartbroken by the video and intrigued to see Maroon 5′s leading man try out his acting skills.


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