LinkedIn For Business & Recruitment Workshop

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network today, with an astounding 135 million users and a targeted audience of business professionals.

If you are a business professional and you do not have a powerful presence on LinkedIn, you are undoubtedly missing valuable opportunities to connect and grow your business.

Join “LinkedIn for Business & Recruitment Workshop” 2 & 3 May in Movenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut.
Book Your Place today! Learn how to build a powerful presence for you and your business on LinkedIn.
Please find below “LinkedIn for Business & Recruitment Workshop” Updated Outline:

1. Looking into Middle East LinkedIn Users
2. How to use LinkedIn to Market Yourself
• Building a really strong LinkedIn Profile
3. How to use LinkedIn to Market Your Business
a. Using LinkedIn for Direct & Indirect Marketing
b. How to create an effective LinkedIn Company Page
• Overview Page
• Product & Service Tab
• Analytic s Tabs
• Increase Awareness of your company
c. How to create an effective LinkedIn Group
• Make a plan
• Starting a Group on LinkedIn
• Promoting a LinkedIn Group
• Managing LinkedIn Group
d. Finding others & Growing your LinkedIn connection for your business
• Use the Advanced Search option to search for people.
• Save your people search and create an alert
• Browse the networks of your immediate network
• Join groups that your target market joins

4. LinkedIn & Recruitment, how Linked can help you to find a good Employee, find a Job or find a Service Professional (Graphic designer, accountant…)
a. Advantage of LinkedIn for Recruiting
b. Why do LinkedIn site attract Hundreds of millions of the best-educated, most qualified job candidates?
c. Active Candidates
d. Passive Candidates
e. Referrals from Extended Networks
f. Targeting Specialized Networks
g. Reading Between the Lines

5. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for SEO
6. Discovering the power of LinkedIn LinkedIn Recommendation
7. Discovering the different degrees of LinkedIn Network Connection
8. Free versus Paid LinkedIn accounts
9. Knowing the different between LinkedIn User & Lion
10. Using LinkedIn Answer
11. Tracking your LinkedIn Activity
12. LinkedIn Applications
13. LinkedIn Today
14. LinkedIn Ads

Joe Ghantous (CEO Right Service for digital marketing)​joeghantous

How do I book a place?
To book your place please call +961 5 922353 / +961 3 828353 or send email to

How much does it cost?
USD 285

Training Materials: English
Training Speech Language: Arabic


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