LebAgg Bloggers Get Together 001

LebAgg has announced its first bloggers get together (#GetTogether001) evnet.

For all how want to join please read the below
1- Bring Chips or crackers or dessert with you, something small. No need for drinks because we can buy them from AltCity and Food is catered thanks to Zaatar w Zeit
2- Only requested from Bloggers: Send a POWERPOINT SLIDE or image (to lebanonaggregator@gmail.com) about your blog that is less than 500KB, include:
– your name
– your blog URL
– short bio
– screen capture of your blog
3- Come with an open mind, because it is not only a get together, part of it will be a BRAINSTORMING session for us bloggers to collaborate on any future project or discuss any issues that is on our minds (TBD)
4– Bloggers who have published BOOKS can bring some of their books to the event
5– Bloggers who showcase their ART usually on their blogs, are welcome to bring their Art items or whatnot to the event as well.
6- If you have any SUGGESTIONS or wish to help about what more we can do, please send us an email (lebanonaggregator@gmail.com)

p.s. Not only bloggers are invited, also micro-bloggers as well as people who appreciate blogging & Blogs

Check the event on facebook


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