Lana Del Rey – Bel Air [Music]

Lana Del Rey continues to smolder. The “Born To Die” chanteuse just released a new music video in pre-release of a much anticipated double album, this one called “Bel Air” which has fans guessing at her latest inspirations.

Next week the speculation ends when Del Rey releases “The Paradise Edition” a two box set with a deluxe version of her breakout album mixed with a collection of new material. Based on the reactions to this latest song, it’s bound to be another record breaking success.

The new song, uploaded on Wednesday, is set to a very modest YouTube music video, by Lana Del Rey standards, comprised of fog-shrouded closeups of the singer, looking her usual somber self, occasionally primping her flowing locks in the trademark style. Not very interesting to the eyes.

But it’s the ears that benefit here. Del Rey moves effortlessly through the Contralto to Soprano ranges without batting an eyelash or straining a tonsil. Not very Diva-ish.

Lana Del Rey -  Bel Air

Lana Del Rey – Bel Air

The song itself is typically somnambulistic. Prosaic, lilting piano flourishes framed by a haunting string quartet set the mood as Del Rey strokes the register with flawless, sky-high backing riffs to the sleepy main vocal. A far away tympani occasionally breaks the spell, sounding the knell of some impending doom.

For those who believed Lana Del Rey is a fluke who couldn’t possibly sustain the promise of her potential as an authentic, new artist, this shot across the bow of enduring fame should put all opposition to rest.


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