JLO “Dance Again” feat. Pitbull – The Review

Everyone’s saying that this new JLO song is “On the Floor” part II, well I guess the collaboration itself is repeated but not with the same sound, “Dance Again” is different though it is also dancy and we hope that this time Jen will top the billboard chart with her new single. Have a listen below:

This is the first time we feel that Pitbull sounds a bit different with his singing rhythm, he’s more calm and he gives a nice feel to the song, as for Jenny, she is sweet and you feel she is smiling while singing, it is a happy song and again it is about enjoying life and letting go of anything that bothers you! This theme has been repeated over and over again because everyone needs to love life and party till the end of the world.

This REDONE produced single will take you again to a club mood, but soon enough you will bored of it because the radio stations will rape it and repeat it over and over again!
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