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  1. Sue Gee Cheng says:


    AD Unattached organized a Birthday event in Maya which is one of the best time everyone had! Maya is definitely one of my favorite place to go! Unfortunately, last night did not end well, not because of the drunk people, but because of Mohammad Adil, the security guard who maybe drunken with power. What happened was, there was a girl who was having some trouble with her boyfriend and her boyfriend seems violent, so we took her with us (there were 4 girls and a guy) but her boyfriend followed and kept on harassing not only his girlfriend but us as well… the boyfriend was irrated so the guy we were with were trying to calm him down (bare in mind that we don't know in details why the couples are arguing but we want to make sure no one got hurt)… anyway, as our guy trying to calm him down, the boyfriend pushed him (this all happened at the jetty and of course there's a chance he might fall off), so I yelled not to do that because he works with the police so that the guy is more aware of his actions… anyway, a bunch of security took him to the side and two of our girl friends were to talk to him as well… and OUT OF THE BLUE… Mohammad Adil, instead of calming the situation down, or understand the situation better, he came over and asked for the military ID, of course the guy doesn't have it with him at that time, but we were more than happy to invite him to Eithad Towers and show him the ID, he didn't want to and accused me and the guy of being fake… he yelled at me and tell me not to say that if it's not true, but the fact of the matter is, it is true, but we don't have the card with us at the moment… but anyway, that's not the case, NOW… instead of calming one drunk person down, the guy we were with HAD to calm the security down! The security's job is to make sure everyone is safe and there's no problems, but this security guard seems to enjoy to create problems just to proved that he has the power? He even said that if we ever come to Maya, he's not going to let me in… not to mentioned, that another I found out that he's racist against the Asian (ie: made the asian girls pay and let the other girl pass) but to be honest, I wont be interested to go if I don't feel safe at all as what Mohammad Adil do does reflects on the security team… HOWEVER, when we were in the boat with Jason, the other security guard… (hats off to him), he did calm the whole situation down and make sure all of us arrive at the other jetty entrance safely. I hope Al Maya can discipline their security guard or else, you will loose out of people because I heard it's not the first time he's acted like this… and I'm sure it wont be the last… at the moment, I will hold off all event in Al Maya and hopefully this can get sorted out. Thanks for reading this.

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