Huawei P8 has star qualities

Standing strong with its aluminum unibody, you can have full confidence that this beauty won’t be bending out of shape. Its all metal unibody is made of quality with a premium finish that makes it a pleasure to hold and behold.

Measuring at 5.3 inches, Huawei P8 stands at that comfortable medium of allowing enough expanse for comfortable browsing while also easily fitting into your hand without having to outstretch your fingers. This makes it slimmer than both the iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 Edge. With the rear 13-megapixel sensor in the mix, you can place your bets on this winner.

Its signature light painting mode gives it an edge over other phones that come with generic apps. Through this feature you’re able to capture the trails from any source of light in real-time. By taking long-exposure shots you’re able to shoot patterns as they happen and capture the trajectory. Apart from its giving the phone its own glow, this mode also gives testimony to the Huawei P8’s highflying abilities as a QHD.14326893610

With the P8, you also have the option to choose between both a single and dual SIM version. If you’re opting for the 16 GB version, you have a choice between mystic Champagne and titanium grey, but if you’re dishing out on the 64 GB version the P8 also comes in carbon black or prestige gold.

Bedazzlement is a guarantee when taking in an eyeful of the Huawei P8 as the smarty sports a full HD display, putting in the same league as the Sony Xperia Z3. This also makes it an honorary member of the QHD (Quad High Definition) club, reinforcing its place as a member of the elite of the smartphone world.

There’s no denying that this smartphone is a celebrity of its kind, with star-qualities that put it in a league of its own when being compared to other new additions to the quickly evolving smarphone world.

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