How to fight the top bad odours in your home?

After a relaxing time travelling during the holidays, it’s time to return home and prepare to get into the routine again. However, after a couple of days away from home, many unpleasant smells can develop in our houses, spoiling the good vibes!

To help you to find and eliminate these odours, have put together this list of spots and give tips on how to clean them properly, preventing them from resurfacing again!

1. Odours all over in your kitchen
If you didn’t properly clean it before you left, the kitchen should be the first place where bad smell when you arrive. Find the root of the odour and get rid of it! With these 3 ingredients you can stop the smell and bring the freshness back:

  • White vinegar: put the vinegar in a cup, mix it with water and put it on your kitchen worktop, that will absorb odours in a breath. For a quicker method, boil the vinegar in a saucepan without covering it.
  • Coffee grounds: place coffee grounds on the countertop in your kitchen – bad odours will disappear from your kitchen within only a few hours.
  • Baking soda: forgot to take the organic trash and now it’s smelly? Rinse your bin with water and white vinegar before you sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto the bottom of your garbage. Don’t forget to change the powder on a regular basis to avoid overpowering smells to build up!

2. The hygiene bomb: it’s the fridge
Our fridge is one of the smelliest places in our flat and this will be even worst if you forgot any food before travelling. Once you are back your fridge will be a odour bomb, but following these steps you can easily get rid of bad smells:

  • Remove all the items from your fridge and discard expired food. Clean all shelves, trays and other removable parts. Wash them under warm water and also sterilize walls and the base of the fridge with a sponge soaked in vinegar. Wipe all of the removable parts and dry before putting them and all your groceries back in the fridge.
  • To make your fridge smell fresh again, drop a few teaspoons of vanilla extract into a saucer and put it in your fridge. Alternatively you can put a cup filled with sodium bicarbonate in your fridge for few days.

3. Cleaning horror story: there smell that came from the drain!
After a long time away, some smells can come up and even when you have already cleaned everything they persist! You can’t see it, but the problem could be in the drains! Hair, fat and other debris getting stuck in the drain, causing the unpleasing smells. Time to put an end to that:

  • Pour a bit of boiling water down the drain. After repeat the same thing, this time using cold water and rinse with boiling water again. If more help is needed, flush the drain with hot water before dumping a cup of baking soda down. Then pour two cups of hot vinegar and enjoy the fizzy action! Wait 20-30 minutes and rinse the drain with boiling water once again.
  • After the whole flushing experiment leave your sink with sliced lemon or orange peels. Besides giving a nice smell to the sink they will also help to remove greasy buildup.

Extra tip: create your own potpourri to give a final touch
In a spray, mix 10 volumes of warm water, 1 volume of vinegar a dozen drops of essential oils (try for example lavender or vanilla). Vaporize this mix everywhere: carpets, rugs, kitchen, bathroom and curtains!

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