Hip Up, Pure RnB, Hip Hop Pool Party at Rio Lento

Ravers Events (House-Ravers) proudly presents: HIP-UP

A Spectacular Production for an Unique RnB/ Hip Hop Pool Event Experience
Satrday August 4 @ Rio Lento – Naher El Kaleb
“ HIP-UP is the perfect night out with exclusive back to back sets, amazing RnB Hip-Hop music and a breathtaking production.

████████████ Line-Up ████████████

►DJ AM (France, VII Production)
►DJ Ramz (MIX FM, Pier7)
►Dj Jam (Guest DJ)

Being one of Lebanon’s uprising R&B and Hip-Hop DJs, DJ AM is one hell of an artist, his tracks always animated with his notorious scratches and bass brakes, resuscitating the feeling you’ve never had when you listen to Hip-Hop and R&B music. Starting his musical career at the young age of 11 while having a preference towards house and progressive music, he made his Hip-Hop and R&B day view while spinning his tracks in a club located in France, and after the very positive feedback he got, the scratch-master couldn’t stop.
From France, to Lebanon, DJ AM performed in the poshest venues like Forum de Beirut, Metis, S3NS Paris, and has collaborated with the likes Wiz Khalifa’s Main Man DJ Bonics and Producer DJ Lethal Skillz and performed alongside Big Acts Including WIZ KHALIFA, CHEVY WOODS, and many others. A lover of Hip-Hop and R&B, he puts emotions in what he does, so when you’re in the club listening to his performance, you can feel the beats infiltrating your ears and tingle your brain, and that feeling right there is indescribable. So just listen to his tracks and try not to nod your head whilst doing so, the master is about to work his magic, so just select a track and enjoy, let the dope beats do what they’re intended to do.

Ramzi “Ramz” Abaza, born on the 21 of January 1991, St. Petersburg – Russia
Starting from the very young age of 13, Ramz started his musical journey holding nothing but love and inspiration to the DJ world. He bought his first pc-dj program and started to explore the wide dimensions of music developing his raw talent into perfection. Starting from small parties (such as birthdays, family, school…..) Ramz showed impressive improvement and appreciation from the people around him. He learned in school for three consecutive years to read, compose, and play on instruments such as drums and piano. Later on at the age of 15, he started to build up his reputation on the local DJ scene where he faced a lot of competition but always managed to prove himself. Reaching the age of 16, he joined one of Lebanon’s top radio stations, MixFm. After this huge move in his life, Ramz devoted much of his time learning from the best DJs in town and always challenging himself for the better . At the age of 18, a great opportunity came his way where he was the warm-up DJ for Pussy Cat Dolls in a concert of not less than 8,000 attendees. Later on at the age of 19, with a great collaboration from MixFm, the RNB Nights were born to take place every Wednesday at Chocolate Club having Ramz as the main DJ alongside a special set performed by Rodge. Following that , the Rnb residency switched to White House (Maison Blanche) for almost a year and currently the huge success of the RnB Nights takes place every Wednesday at Palais by Crystal .
Dj Ramz also host a weekly show ” Rnb Nation ” which takes place every Wednesday from 8 – 9 pm on Mix Fm 1044.4 mhz and features a variety of tracks from old school to new and modern RnB and Hip-Hop hits.

Hip Hop Pool Party at Rio Lento

Hip Hop Pool Party at Rio Lento

████████████ TICKETS INFO ████████████
>>> REGULAR : Pre-sale: $ 30 ( incl 2 drink)
>>> VIP – Tables ( Min 4 pers): Pre-sale: $ 50 (incl bottles)
>>> VVIP – Tables (Min 4 pers): Pre-sale: $ 70 (incl Grey Goose)
THIS EVENT IS FOR 18 YRS OLD & ABOVE, Ravers Managment Reserve The Right Of Admission.


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