Hang The DJ on Oct 5th

Each night between 3-5 DJs take to the stage. Each participating DJ will draw their place in the lineup at random and receive 40 minutes to get the crowd in the groove. That’s 40 minutes to pull every trick out of the bag in order to leave a lasting impression on you.

And why should they care what you think?

Because there’s just one little catch…if you’re not feeling it, they ain’t making it. At any time during the DJ’s set the crowd can choose to “hang” the DJ. It could be minute 5 or minute 39, but if you decide that they go they’re done. And it’s on to the next one.

The winner gets to walk away with their heads high, a little prize and the opportunity to go on to bigger and better things. The losers will probably be heading out the back door.

Hang The DJ

Hang The DJ

Support your friends. Trash your enemies. Celebrate good music. And protest the bad. Cause it’s about to get a little interesting.

This Weeks Accused:

Rorschach (Indie Dance/Electro)
ImaDJ (Indie Dance)
Safio (Techno)

Door open at 9pm
$10 w/ 1 drink


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