Google Translate new functions on iOS and Android apps

Google has again enriched one of its most practical and spectacular applications with several new functions. The latest update to Google Translate brings a “Tap to Translate” function to Android and rolls out the offline mode to iOS.

It’s no surprise to see Google debut a major new function in the Android version of its translation tool. The new “Tap to Translate” button is available in any app, allowing Android users to select text to translate instantly into the language of their choice, with no need to copy and paste into Google Translate.

Google has also rolled out the app’s offline mode to iOS. This allows users to download dictionaries for as many languages as they like, with each language pack around 30MB in size. Simply go into the list of languages and click on the arrow next to the ones you want to use offline. A total of 52 language packs can be downloaded for use at any time.


What’s more, Google’s Word Lens function has been updated to support Chinese. This is the 29th language to be added to Google’s instant visual translation tool, which works in conjunction with the device camera. This can be a real help for travelers trying to decipher signs or restaurant menus, for example. The service is also available offline by downloading the relevant language packs.

On top of that, Google Translate offers real-time voice translation in 32 languages and can translate text written directly onscreen into 93 languages.

The application now supports over 100 languages, including Scottish Gaelic, Kyrgyz, Hawaiian, Zulu, Basque and Corsican. It’s reportedly used by some 500 million people worldwide.

Google Translate is available to download free of charge from Google Play (Android) and Apple’s App Store (iOS).

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