GLFL Promo 2013 pres. TRICK OR TREAT?!

Halloween, the time when kids dress-up as adults, and adults dress-up like they were kids, all asking that question, the question that many people fear to answer, being scared of the consequences, that question is the question that will make this party unforgettable.

Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat

And so GLFL class of 2013 proudly asks:

Trick or Treat?!
A night full of scary, sexy, and enchanting creatures taking place at The Venue, Beirut Souks, if you’re lost just follow the only people wearing costumes in all Beirut Souks and there you are!

Ticket price: 25$ inc. 2 drinks (Presale)
30$ inc. 2 drinks (At the door)
Walk-ins are more than welcome!

The doors open at 10 PM sharp guiding you to a magical world with of course, the DJs that will make it happen:

And to start off the event, this DJ will be mixing up some of the hottest electro tracks in town:

—-DJ J.M.—-
Following up will be Mr. President himself, the king of the underworld, the master of commercial, house, R&B and Hip-Hop:

But wait, he’s not alone, to top it all off he’ll be accompanied by just the right voice, that’s right, we’ve got the MC whose vocal chords are so destructively breathtaking they’ll keep you dancing all night long, performing an array of rap songs:

—-DUB K—-
This DJ is coming all the way from the mystical land of A.M. productions, White resident:

Next up, a wizard of deep house, exclusively for the party people in all of us, if you’re looking to be teleported into another dimension, he’s the DJ that’ll do the job right:

—-KARL A.—-
And finally, the monster, the madman of psychedelic music, half man half trippy sounds, the DJ we’d love to close up and tear up the house with:

For Ticket reservations please call:

Georges Tufenkji: 70 595 000
Andrea Bouez: 03 699 000
Cyril Aboujaoude: 03 700 010

Date: Sat, Oct 27 · 10:00 pm
Location: The Venue – Beirut Souks, Lebanon


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