FREE Improvisation Class with Raffi Feghali

If you’ve ever wondered if you can Improv – Register for our FREE trial session on Thursday 17 April from 7-9:30pm for some Improv Acting fun!

Improvisation at its best, learn useful techniques you need in your everyday life both on the stage and in the world. And it’s damn fun! Play improv games, meet other creatives and train with Raffi Feghali, renowned Lebanese actor and trainer.

 FREE Improvisation Class with Raffi Feghali

FREE Improvisation Class with Raffi Feghali

What is improv?
Improv is a form of theater that is created in the moment. Dialogue, action, character and story are collaboratively created right on the spot – and there’s nothing like it.

What is it good for?
The skills learned in improv class will help you:
– Become a better speaker
– Think on your feet in all kinds of situations
– Open up your creativity (in writing, acting, speaking…)
– Have some stress-free fun away from the world

Who is Raffi Feghali?
Raffi, the course trainer, is a Lebanese actor and teacher who has been working in the field for 15 years. For more on Raffi:

Can anyone register?
Yes! Anyone can apply – no experience is necessary. Just the willingness to have fun and give it a try!

Dates and Times:
Thursday 17 April 7-9:30pm
More info:
RSVP/Registration is a MUST

Course Fees:
Did we mention, this course is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

If you’re interested in the FULL WORKSHOP 6 May – 9 May, we’ll keep you updated!


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