Free Hugs VI

The Free Huggers strike again! This time at Gemmayzeh, this Saturday, September 15th from 7 to 9pm. Gathering at Restaurant Paul’s Corner.

Free Hugs VIThis flashmob will be a bit different from the previous ones cuz we got a great news for you 🙂 Ever heard of Nasawiyya? Nasawiyya will be our host for the night and we’re revealing quite a wonderful surprise to the public at their premises.

Amazing “Free Hugs” T-shirts will be available at $5 each, fully customizable with a plenty of space on the front so you won’t have to miss on your old signs. How cool is that? See you there everyone 🙂

Same rules as every time applies:
1. No smoking during the campaign (You can’t hug someone and suffocate them at the same time…)
2. Only invite people that you know are genuinely interested in this and won’t cause trouble.
3. It is preferable that you hug people from your own gender.
4. Ignore rule #3

If you’re new you may want to read:
The Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs

For tweeps:
Follow @Free_Huggers and use #FreeHugsLB when tweeting about the event.



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