Free Hugs Flashmob V

Get Ready for an OUTSTANDING Summer Sunday on the second of September and join the next Flashmob.

Gathering: in front of Byblos bank headquarters near Rizk Hospital – Beirut – Lebanon this sunday September 2nd 2012 at 4:00 PM

If you don’t have a sign, don’t worry, we provide “free hugs” signs at only 2000L.L.

In order to maintain discipline and civility, we must set a few rules:
1. No smoking during the campaign (You can’t hug someone and choke them at the same time…)
2. Only invite people that you know are genuinely interested in this and won’t cause trouble.
3. It is preferable that you hug people from your own gender.
4. Ignore rule #3

Free Hugs Flashmob V

Free Hugs Flashmob V

Free eBook: The Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs

Twitter hashtag: #FreeHugsLB
Facebook page: Free Huggers
For more info or to request sponsorship don’t hesitate to contact



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